Vango Euphoria 600 Airbeam Polycotton 6 berth Tent AS NEW in Dursley, Gloucestershire for sale

Vango Euphoria 600 Airbeam Polycotton 6 berth Tent AS

We bought this brand new from Attwoolls in Gloucester last summer and used it twice. Unfortunately my wife didn't take to camping so we are going to get a caravan and try that instead. Expensive mistake perhaps...!
Anyway, here is an amazing opportunity to get hold of the best airbeam tent in the market for an incredible price. Comes WITH a footprint (to save the bottom getting mucky), a bespoke Vango carpet, and a waterproof porch mat. Photo is from Vango website because I didn't take any last year and it is too wet to pitch it just to take one - but I would insist on pitching it for potential buyers before accepting payment.
The Euphoria is a polycotton tent, making it ideal for a multitude of climates, as it can adapt to the weather conditions to suit the camper's needs. Additionally, the Euphoria has a large living area, which is combined with the built-in extension, offering the end user a comfortable area to sit and relax in. The patented Airbeam system makes pitching a breeze, meaning you have more time for leisure activies or to relax.
Polycotton Benefits:
Polycotton stays cooler in hotter climates.
Polycotton retains the heat in colder climates
Cotton is far more durable than polyester
Cotton 65% / Polyester 35% mix.
Cotton is naturally more waterproof than polyester
Airbeam Benefits:
Pitches in ten minutes
No Heavy Poles to worry about
Beams are independent - so maintaining them is simple.