Renault Grand Espace 2.2 DCi - MOT due - Repair or spares. Good engine(110000 miles) in Dursley, Gloucestershire for sale

Renault Grand Espace 2.2 DCi - MOT due - Repair or

Renault Grand Espace 2.2 DCi £100 ono
Selling as Repair or spares.
MOT runs out April 8th. Still drives ok, been using up the diesel taking it to work this week. Has not been used much in the last few years mostly taking stuff to the tip or collecting big items from DIY stores etc.
Good bits
Engine is good, does not smoke or use oil. Starts first time. Engine mileage is actually 110000 as a replacement 2nd hand ECU was fitted which added 12000 miles to the clock. It had 4 new injectors fitted at 85000, and a new genuine Renault Rocker cover, inlet manifold(£300) fitted at 95000. It's plastic and becomes porous with age, allows the boast pressure to leak into the engine. New starter motor was also fitted at the same time.
Oil was changed at 120000.
Most of the body is plastic so very little rust other than detailed below.
Quite a pleasant car to drive bar for the clunking from the spring and rubbers detailed below.
Bad bits.
At a minimum the followings needs attention to stand a chance of a MOT pass.
Replacement NS front spring, replace anti rollbar rubbers, repair,replace front radiator cross member which is badly corroded. These are the faults I'm aware of, some of the other suspension bushes may also need attention.
Central locking does not work so to lock you have to press the internal lock button and the manually lock the passenger door(It's french, say no more). OS rear window does not open and cannot be opened from outside. Various bit's of trim have fallen off.
Bodywork has scratches and was keyed on the NS before I bought it 2011. Bonnet is scabby where the lacquer has peeled off in places and it doesn't help I parked it under some shrubs.
So - so bits
Gearbox is not brilliant, doesn't crunch synchros but is very notchy when cold and can't be rushed. Generally all other bits work,wipers,washer,heater,lights.